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Rangehood Repairs Sydney

Rangehood repairs in Sydney are usually for carbon filter replacement or upgrade of a non-ducted rangehood. This is due to the high density of residential buildings, low building standards, and a large percentage of apartments in the city of Sydney. If your rangehood is not performing to your ideal standards it is best to call for one of our technicians to come ad take a look!

Rangehood repairs should always be performed by an experienced technician, as they are located in a potentially dangerous area – above cooking surfaces which can become potentially dangerous.
You should keep your rangehood in working order and fix it right away if broken. The last thing you want is your rangehood to come crashing down on a hot pan full of oil!

Rangehood Repairs

Rangehood Filter Replacement

Rangehood PArt Replacement

Rangehood Duct Repairs

Common Rangehood Issues we fix

Fan not pulling any air?

leaking or dripping with oil or dirt?

Clogged air filters?

Ducting issues?

Rangehood stopped working?

Need a new range-hood installed?

Rangehood making a disturbing noise?

Rangehood light is broken?

Broken air filters?

No ducting?

Rangehood Parts We Use

rangehood installation carbon filters

Carbon filters

These are ideal for rangehood with no vent to the outside of the building. The carbon filter acts as a mitigation device for the smoke or steam produced from cooking. These are very common in apartment buildings or buildings that have been poorly planned out.

rangehood installations tunnel filter

Tunnel filter used for apartments

Used as an atmosphere duct. These are most common in apartments as they have space limitations.

rangehood installation

Blanket filter

Common in most fixed rangehoods. We carry these on hand for cost effective repairs. We will most likely have on with us on our first visit and will be able to repair your rangehood the same day for our Sydney Clients


Depending on how long the duct and the size and typing of the duct, average costs of duct repairs are around $180.

Yes. Just call for a quote.

The most common fix is to remove that section and replace it otherwise you can end up with oil and
condensation build ups through cabinetry.

In most cases yes, although most duct is made to last a very long time if its not disturbed most hard
ducting will last as long as the wiring in your home though soft duct may only last 5 years.

No for your safety and others all works should be carried out by a professional as live wires often run close to duct works.

You should have your ducting inspected at least every 10 years and check what ever is visible for holes and damage regularly.

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Why choose us for your rangehood repairs?

The best appliance repair team in Sydney. We have you covered for all your rangehood repair needs. We are experts in rangehood repairs, installation as well as ducting services. We offer fast and efficient services that won’t break the bank on standardised service repairs. Call our helpful Sydney admin team today and book your rangehood repair.

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